Philip Iacovou

Man wearing suit and tie smiling at the camera


“I’m passionate about people.

I can sit all day and chat with someone.

I listen to them and want to focus on finding solutions to their problems.”

It is this approach of helping people find solutions to their problems with a genuine interest that has helped Philip Iacovou position Lefand as the industry leader it is today.

Phil has always been one to do things differently, creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to fall in his lap…

…so, when family circumstances led to him taking over from his father Lee in 2007, he used it as an opportunity to grow the family cleaning business into Australia’s fastest growing building and facilities management company.

“I’m a connector and not a networker. It’s about the clients of the builders and developers – I ask them what their concerns are and try to address them. If I alleviate our clients’ stress then they are happy and we are happy. I focus on starting and keeping relationships and building them into long-term partnerships.”

For Phil, the culture – or as he calls it, family – that he has built at Lefand is what he is proudest of.

“My retention is high because we hire based on work ethics and culture, not just on experience. If someone has the right principles, morals and ethics in life that’s why we hire them… and why they want to stay.

We love challenges and that’s what keeps us going. We turn our clients’ headaches around and give them solutions. We say it how it is, not what they want to hear. We are genuine and authentic… we have a heart and we treat everyone as family.”

Prior to joining Lefand, Phil worked his way through the ranks at Qantas while juggling a job at the fish markets. He is no stranger to hard work and carries his strong work ethic through to everything he does at Lefand.

Phil is a family man. He has his Lefand family… and then he has his wife and four young kids. He works from home once a week to do the school run. He doesn’t miss anything his kids do – parent/teacher interviews, athletics carnivals – he is always there.

As a family they travel regularly and spend the weekends playing board games, sport and indulging in Phil’s other passion – watching movies.



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