Lefand Services has launched a professional Forensic Cleaning and Control Services division to assist with eradicating and minimising the spread of COVID-19 within strata residential environments, commercial and industrial sectors and the restaurant and catering industry.

Forensic cleaning and Control division


Lefand Services has a fully certified, around the clock professional Forensic Cleaning and Control Services division that will assist industrial, commercial and strata residential sectors within the Sydney metropolitan area. We are also certified by the Restaurant and Catering Association to service the Hospitality Industry. This has been an essential service particularly upon re-opening to the community.

Our team is trained in safe and effective biohazard remediation and will ensure the COVID-19 decontamination procedure is conducted precisely and methodically. We use government regulated systems and controls, such as hospital grade sanitation that is both anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic to decontaminate and sanitise industrial, commercial and residential strata buildings.

Just as importantly, Lefand have ensured that the team use personal protection equipment (PPE) that adheres to strict health and safety procedures when carrying out services.

Restaurant & Catering Association - COVID-19 Hospitality Best Practice 2020

Philip Iacovou, Director of Lefand states; “Due to the current global situation it has forced all companies and businesses to enforce strict hygiene guidelines. Since COVID-19 was detected in Australia on January 25, we immediately identified the need for forensic cleaning services that would allow companies and businesses to continue their operations in a safer environment.

We now provide forensic cleaning services in addition to our current services, to both new and existing businesses upon request. We will continue to adapt our policies and procedures to ensure that we are compliant with the rapidly evolving guidelines and regulations introduced by the Federal government”.

To engage our Forensic Cleaning and Control Division, please call 1800 533 263 or email info@lefand.com.au and one of our friendly team members will assist immediately with your request. We guarantee a rapid response and will have a team on location as a matter of urgency.


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