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lefand Group Industry Leaders in Building Management

Managing Your Perfect Home & Investment

Lefand Group Pty Ltd: Your total building management solution.

With over 25 years experience we surpass service levels you would expect serving all sectors – from strata and residential to commercial and government.

From the ground up and with no hidden costs, we’ll tailor a package to meet your every need. We have access to over 1,200 highly qualified staff who go above and beyond, 24/7, managing day-to-day operations to give you peace of mind, no matter where you are in the world.

We offer an end-to-end solution. From asset and building management to service maintenance and management-programs. if you want to transform your operations, communication is the key.

We use the world’s best building management solutions; a customisable portal, with both desktop and app functionality, this system enables better, smarter and faster building management. This allows us to manage efficiently-run, more responsive operations.

Our solution is relied upon by over 2,500 buildings and projects worldwide, and saves builders, developers, managing agents, owners and occupiers both time and money.

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What Our Clients Say


Chairman of the Owners Executive Committee

I first met Philip and Lee Jacovou, the owners of Lefand, some four to five years ago, when they took over the caretaker role for three buildings containing 60 apartments at Carlingford. They immediately struck me as two very decent individuals. As I got to know them better, my first assessment of them proved to be right on the mark.  I have found them both to be trustworthy, honest, approachable and reliable people with a great sense of an respect for their employees and the people who rely on them for help and assistance for any issues from the most mundane to those more serious. The care, maintenance and cleaning of the grounds and common areas is always carried out efficiently by Lee’s very pleasant staff and contractors.  If there is ever a problem, as there can be from time to time, it is rectified promptly. Through Lefand contacts with a huge variety of contractors, no problem is too big or too small or too difficult.  Despite being very busy with the number of strata blocks they are involved with; they manage to be very responsive to calls, 24 hours a day.  Lee advises all residents to call if they have any problem or issue at any time day or night. Fortunately, to date I haven’t had a problem big enough to justify a call in the middle of the night, however I am absolutely confident Lee or Philip would respond promptly and without complaint. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending both Philip, Lee and Lefand most highly.  I am sure you would not be disappointed.



I have used Lefand Group for cleaning, gardening and building management at various strata schemes and I find their approach to be professional and ethical. The structure of their organisation means that no client is treated like they are not important, they are hands on and tackle any job with urgency and diligence, their area supervisors ensure that the building management, cleaning and gardening services are maintained at a high standard.

In my experience, Lefand have always offered to send a team member to strata meetings after normal business hours to listen to the client’s needs and respond accordingly which to me shows an active ‘hands on’ approach to their services. I whole-heartedly feel that Lefand consider their clients important and do not see them as just a source of revenue; they value their needs.

Lefand have impeccable building managers who respond to their clients calls at all hours and do whatever is needed to resolve the issue at hand. They provide me with updates on works that they organise and are always easy to deal with.

Lefand take pride in their work and love to make life easier for their clients.

I am more than happy to be contacted by potential clients as I feel that Lefand are second to none.



Lefand Services Pty Ltd and their team are one of the most professional and best service providers out there. I have been working with Lefand Services Pty Ltd for more than 10 years during my time as a strata manager. They have  been approachable, and always puts their best foot forward to attend to all and any matters, committee and owners meetings,  and requests that may arise demonstrating a high degree of expertise in cleaning and building management and their presentation at all buildings serviced by their company were immaculate. I have used on numerous occasions, and received continued comments from our clients about the professional and personal approach and workmanship of the staff members.


Member of the Executive Committee for eleven years.

Lefand Services Pty Ltd have had the Cleaning Contract at our complex for over eleven years. During that time the services provided have been exceptional.

Lee and Philip have established a friendly relationship with the Executive Committee and the residents which goes beyond a working relationship. They have always taken a great interest in the complex and are very pro active.

Whilst over the years there have been several different Cleaners on site doing the cleaning, they have all been very competent friendly people.

I am sure that the Complex would not be so well maintained without the efforts of the people at Lefand.

Probably one of the most important aspects is that both Philip and Lee are available to contact in an emergency.They have always responded quickly to any enquiries. Their services whilst being a Cleaning Service extend beyond this as they take a personal interest.

I would be very happy and confident in recommending Lefand as a cleaning company.


Director - Pheonix Builders

We use Lefand Services exclusively for all our projects. We find their service to be very reliable.


Australian Urban Projects

After being introduced to Lefand Services we were impressed with their experienced, honest and hardworking approach to the role. Their ownership of the scope and un-relenting efforts to ensure they took on the responsibility of all facets of the role, certainly gave us the confidence they were true to their word and had the experience to ensure that the property was correctly maintained and valued. This approach ensured that we and the occupants were happy with the service being provided. The standouts of our experience when working with Lefend was that, there was never an issue that was too difficult to resolve and any extra ordinary requests were always accepted. We would have no hesitation in recommending Lefend Services to any potential client.


Executive Committee Member, Soho, Waterloo

As a member of the Executive Committee in a large Waterloo complex, I was involved in decisions made around the maintenance of the property and engaging suppliers. We initially engaged Lefand Services for all our property maintenance needs as they offered a great range of services at a competitive price. As I started to work more closely with the Lefand team I became quickly impressed at not only the high standard at which they performed their work, but at how promptly they responded to any matters or concerns. There are always unexpected issues that arise with any building and it was great to have the comfort and peace of mind that these matters would be resolved efficiently and in a timely manner. I was also very appreciative of Philip’s support, flexibility and compassion during a period where we were dealing with more complex matters affecting the building, including defects. The Lefand team is professional yet approachable in how they conduct business. It was great that Philip invested time to regularly check in with us and gather feedback on his services. I found Philip to be very passionate about his business and made the time to ensure we were satisfied with any work carried out by his team. I would highly recommend Lefand Services to anyone who is looking for a property solutions partner that will actually deliver on what they promise.



Lefand Services Pty Ltd have been tremendous to work with in the properties we are involved in together, it was easy to see right from the start that Philip and the team genuinely understood the benefit of innovative software systems. Lefand Services in using BuildingLink is at the cutting-edge in utilising innovative systems to manage, measure, communicate and report its operations in ‘real-time’ with complete transparency for all stakeholders involved.