Facility Management

Our approach to facility management is about removing the headaches that day-to-day operational issues cause. More than that, we partner with you to drive building efficiencies across cost and risk.

Building Management

Building management

We are highly experienced building managers across both residential and commercial. With an extended team of more than 1200 across Australia, we are equipped to provide the full range of building management services for your facilities.

We offer 24/7 support from our building managers and services across cleaning, gardening, routine and ongoing maintenance as well as concierge and security.

In everything we do in our business, our clients are at the core. We tailor our building management services to ensure that each of our clients is getting exactly what they need… and not paying for things that they don’t.

Inventory Control

Inventory control

When we manage inventory control, we take the same big picture view as we do with overall facilities management… it’s about increasing efficiencies.

We know that when we control stock accurately, building operations flow more smoothly.

We save time by having what we need when we need it, and we save money by not having inventory sitting around gathering dust.

We ensure that we track inventory so that we are in front of the game, focusing on costs and time as priorities.

Building Life Cycle

Building life cycle

Buildings and facilities aren’t set and forget. They require ongoing and proactive maintenance to maximise the life cycle and span of the assets.

Our facility managers take a lead role in ensuring the building life cycle is analysed and updated frequently.

We are sound budget managers, able to report on building progress, and we can provide analysis and commentary to support our recommendations.

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