Michael Christofi

Handsome man wearing suit smiling at the camera

Senior Account Manager

“I’m passionate about coming to work and making a difference to the way we do things at Lefand. I’m always looking at ways to improve processes and how we work to make it easier for everyone to do a great job.”

Michael Christofi takes a very proactive approach to his work at Lefand.

Whether it is in how he approaches systems and processes or proactively offering maintenance recommendations, continuous improvement is what drives him.

“My role is communicating with developers, strata managers and committee members daily. My team is on site regularly so they are always on top of anything that needs to be addressed so we can help the buildings run smoothly.”

Michael’s background as a Senior Sales Manager in the retail and commercial packaging industry meant that the shift to working for Lefand in 2013 was a big change… and it’s one that has paid off. He has progressed to a senior management role and is now responsible for managing over 100 staff, who take great pride in the work they do across the Lefand portfolio of clients.

“Lefand has this great family culture. We are almost like brothers and sisters, and we love working together as a team. It’s a really genuine environment that pushes you to do your best.”

Speaking of family, when Michael isn’t at work he is spending time with his young family taking his son to Little Kickers or swimming lessons. That’s when he isn’t watching the football and cheering for his team, Liverpool FC!



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