Lee Jacovou

General Manager

When Lee Jacovou moved his family to Australia, he started working for the NSW government buses. He wanted to give his family the brightest future that he could… so he founded a cleaning business – Lefand. Within two years Lefand had grown large enough that he was able to leave his job as a supervisor to take the business to the next level.

“We never advertised… all of our business came from word-of-mouth. We worked so hard at building relationships with our clients, which really paid off. When one client would leave a job, they would hire us when they moved to their next company.”

Lee has always worked hard to grow Lefand and is so proud of what his son, Phil, has done since taking the reins in 2007.

“I’m so proud of Philip’s efforts and his hard work… he deserves every success. I’m still holding the position of General Manager so that I can help and support him. My family and I will always be behind him, supporting him. I look forward to seeing the third generation, Phil’s kids, starting to work at Lefand… one day!”

Just like Phil, Lee cites the ‘Lefand family’ as a huge part of the company’s success.

“I am so happy to see that the company is healthy and that the staff treat each other like family. We want them to feel welcome and know that we are there for them, whatever is going on in their lives. There is no boss around here… we are all equal.”

Now that Lee has taken a step backwards to let Phil lead the business, one thing that hasn’t changed is his dedication to giving his all to Lefand. Right from day one, his ethos was consistent effort… and Lefand wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for this work ethic and dedication to our Lefand clients.

When Lee isn’t working he is spending time with his grandkids, family and close network of friends.


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