Karyn Chin

Wonderful woman smiling at the camera

Corporate Manager

Karyn Chin joined the Lefand team on a six-week contract to help organise the Annual Building and Property Summit… she fitted in so well with the team that they didn’t let her leave!

“I was tying up the loose ends after the summit and I found myself building a really good rapport with the team. They appreciated how I could see things differently. Just like many of the best things in life, I didn’t join Lefand on purpose, it just happened that way!”

Now Karyn’s role is varied but primarily in HR and marketing, overseeing the events, sponsorships, marketing, recruitment and staff well-being. It was the people and culture of the team that made Karyn say yes to joining the team.

“We talk often about the family culture of Lefand and how we treat each other like family. I saw that when I was working on the event and I knew that this was something I could be a part of.”

Karyn’s background is in the rag trade working in sales and marketing. She has also spent time living overseas for her husband’s work. She takes great pride in her work and loved the challenge of learning about the building management industry when she joined Lefand.

Karyn is mum to two girls, so her weekends are spent driving the kids between their social and extra-curricular activities, whilst trying to keep up with her own. Although they didn’t realise it when she started at Lefand, her connection to Philip and his family goes back to his wedding day, when she was his wife’s makeup artist – another one of her many skills!



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