Jasmin Harding

Beautiful lady smiling at the camera

Operations Manager

Jasmin Harding grew up with a passion for football, dreaming of a career in the sport as an adult. But while working in the family facilities maintenance company she developed an interest in building management… and she hasn’t looked back.

Jasmin joined Lefand in 2017 as a  Building Manager specialising in Commercial properties and has progressed to the role of Operations Manager. Her expertise ranges from tender procurement and preventative maintenance to mentoring the Lefand Building Managers and assisting with disputes.

With a keen eye and understanding of the rules, regulations and compliance requirements in buildings, it is this side of her work that Jasmin loves the most.

“I actually love the complexity of understanding how various types of mechanical plants operate and ensuring the assets are well maintained and running efficiently.”

Jasmin is a mum to three young kids and loves travelling with her family. She is heavily involved in sports and she plays soccer, baseball and Oztag, and if you ever come up against her in a game of poker, she has quite the poker face!


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