Alex Alexiou

Business Development Manager

Alex Alexiou is exceptionally talented and experienced in building and maintenance management… with more than two decades in the industry, there isn’t anything he can’t handle.

As the Lefand Business Development Manager, Alex not only nurtures our existing client base but also seeks to cultivate new relationships, in growing the Lefand business.

Much of Alex’s experience has come from managing a portfolio of 5000 apartment lots with one of Australia’s leading building and development companies.

But what really drives him are the people and culture of Lefand that enable everyone in the team to bring their best to work each day.

“I like to lift people up – to give them confidence. I take my work seriously, but I like to have a bit of fun. I think if you are too hard on your employees, they won’t respect you as much.

Everyone in our team works together – there are no politics. And Phil makes sure that we have a life outside of work hours… which is completely unique in this industry.”

Alex has three teenage children, so his weekends are spent ferrying them around between soccer, horse riding and dancing. In amongst the busyness of family life, he does try and find time for the odd game of golf.



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