Stephen Smith


Senior Operations Manager

Stephen Smith first met Phil when he was working in the airline industry.

Phil spotted Stephen’s talent and before he knew it he was starting at Lefand as a building manager… a totally new industry.

Over his time at Lefand, Stephen has worked his way up to his role as Senior Operations Manager.

“My passion for what I do and my ongoing thirst for learning more and more… that’s what makes me stand out from other people in the industry.”

As the Lefand Senior Operations Manager, Steve is a gun at keeping the buildings ticking over efficiently. He works closely with the building managers on a daily basis, managing relationships with clients and other stakeholders.

And it is the client liaison that he gets the most satisfaction from.

“I love working with passionate people. In this industry, because you are managing people’s biggest and most prized asset – their home, there is a lot of passion involved. That can create challenges, because with passion comes emotion. My skill is in helping people step back from that passion to see what needs to be done.”

Stephen loves going home to his wife and their black Labrador, Shadow. As a trained fitness instructor, he is a huge sports fanatic. But most of all, he just loves helping people.


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