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Settlement Handover

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Typically, and as is the general practice at time of settlement, the developer would gather, collate and physically handover a bundle of documents such as floor plans, finishes schedules, appliance manuals, warranties etc. to new owners at the time of settlement. This can be a tedious, time consuming and costly exercise.

As an alternate to such an arrangement, Lefand utilizes the Buildinglink system which streamlines this process. Subject to provision of documents, Lefand will upload and record all the information on the developer’s behalf to held in a safe and secure manner for owners to then access via their own log-in ID. Essentially, at handover, all the owners need receive is a log-in and a set of keys at time of settlement.

This saves developer:

  1. Time in collating handover documents; and
  2. Thousands of dollars in unnecessary document printing/packaging costs for settlement.

The developer may also engage with and utilize the Building link system in the same manner to manage their documents, communicate and co-ordinate works for their internal project management needs, prior to our involvement.


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