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Lefand Group Pty Ltd understands the ongoing headaches trying to manage day-to-day issues within buildings and needed to find a better way to manage these buildings. We have now incorporated the BuildingLink system which is absolutely free for the first year when you choose Lefand Group to service your building.

What is BuildingLink?

BuildingLink is a Web-based system that manages all day-to-day communications, record keeping, and task tracking between occupants, building staff, and property managers in residential buildings. The program runs on their secure web servers, so users can access their property’s data and authorized functions from anywhere in the world – using only a web browser, their login name, and password. In addition, BuildingLink intelligently utilizes automatic notifications options for critical events, and integrates technology components for increased productivity.

BuildingLink will improve your buildings:


BuildingLink provides various tools for posting/retrieving building documents (i.e. notices, forms, files, or spreadsheets), submitting maintenance requests, reserving common spaces, leaving front desk instructions, emailing notification of package delivery, agenda / minutes notices and broadcasting emergency alerts to residents. Users can get the information as they need it, 24 hours a day.

Record Keeping

BuildingLink allows you to quickly store and retrieve information that helps your building run more efficiently, including resident data (i.e. emergency contacts, pets, parking spaces, sublet tenant info, and verified signatures), apartment data (appliance serial numbers and last date of painting), or data about building events (i.e. repairs and scheduled maintenance, visitors and contractors, packages received, and parts and supplies used).

Task Tracking

The BuildingLink system automatically keeps track of a wide range of events (i.e. current and future repairs and pending move-ins and move-outs) and highlights their current statuses, deadlines and due dates, preventing them from slipping through the cracks. Notifications of new tasks or changes to existing tasks are automatically sent out via email to both building staff and residents, as well as outside vendors where desired. Building staff can also post progress notes/charges and create a transparent and fully documented record of actions taken.

Sense of Community

NeighborNet by BuildingLink is one of the most popular features, through which residents can create an optional profile, including a photo, work information, and personal interests, enabling them to network and interact with neighbours in their building. Residents can also see or post notices regarding items wanted, services offered, and hobbies to share via the moderated postings area. In addition, your building can offer concierge services and invite select outside vendors to communicate directly with residents and handle their requests for services such as dog-walking, dry cleaning, and house-keeping.

Unique Identity

BuildingLink easily integrates with your current web presence or creates a domain name for your building – specific customised home page. This includes one or more building photos, local weather, and management logo / information. What’s more, hundreds of customisable settings allow you to shape the site in a way that reflects how your building operates.

Like all of our clients, you will be amazed at:

Flexibility – A building can enable those features that are relevant to its own operation, and can customise numerous options and detailed rules to match its own way of functioning.

Easy Implementation – Managers usually only require 2 hours of training, building staff only 30 minutes, and residents require no training at all. A “Help for This Screen” button is available on every screen.

Security – Tenants or residents can only see data that is relevant to their own unit or that is of building wide importance. Its multiple web servers, data servers, and firewalls hosted at the AT & T main data center provide the necessary redundancy, outstanding performance, and rock solid security you require.

Support Team – The BuildingLink Support staff is smart, professional and eager to teach our clients the best ways to implement the BuildingLink platform for each Client’s property.


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